Infrared Repair and Restoration


Here at the A-Team we have incorporated Infrared heating technology. Infrared heating technology has provided the paving industry a cost efficient and viable means to repair damaged asphalt surfaces. Previous repair methods include removal and replacement of base and wear coat layers, milling and overlay, patching and sealing. The prohibitive factor in the previously identified repair methods is the expense and amount of time it takes to perform the repairs in addition to extended drying/curing periods. Infrared heating technology makes your lot available for immediate use upon completion of the repaired area and is currently being used by DOT in many states across the country.

Benefits of Infrared Restoration vs. Conventional R & R

  • Faster- 25 minute repair means minimal disruption to traffic
  • No Cold Joints- Prevents future entryway for water (future pothole)
  • Less Manpower- 2 or 3 man crew
  • Less Equipment- One unit/one truck
  • Less Materials- 1 to 2 tons last all day
  • Environmentally Friendly- Recycles existing asphalt/minimizes waste.

Please watch our video below for a step by step demonstration of what infrared restoration technology can do for you.

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