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One call does it all: (615) 754-2410

One call does it all:
(615) 754-2410

Commercial Snow Removal

In 1994 A-Team was approached by one of its long-term customers to offer the service of snow removal and ice removal. At that time, we started with 2 standard plows and salt spreaders. We have now grown to 16 plows and 20 salt spreaders. In normal cases spreaders are used more frequently than the plows. A-Team has a 24-hour 7 day a week telephone response system that enables you to reach us anytime. On-call contracts are available as well as call as needed per snow or ice event. These services enable us to offer and maintain our same employees year-round. In short, our qualified employees that work in other divisions that you may recognize throughout the year may be some of the same employees that will be familiar with your location.

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